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In the mid seventies Laurent was still living in France and he was one of the first customers in the newly born health food stores. Reading books on homeopathy and having a naturopathic doctor as a naturopathic physician, Laurent was fascinated by the exploration of alternative ways to stay healthy and thrive. Always anxious to share his latest discoveries, Laurent created a patient education software program for Chiropractors, launched the innovative Path to Excellence live webinar series in 2000 and produced over 20 week-end long educational seminars.

Believing that a feature length documentary is the best way to inspire a large number of people, Laurent decided to direct his first film around the topic of aging and how to overcome preconceived beliefs. His second film was an exploration of one of the most amazing musician and his band Magma, still under the "Live Inspired" concept, as the band is still thriving, more than ever, after a 47 years existence. 

When Laurent had debilitating back pain, due to a severely herniated disc, he had a first hand experience with what it means to lose ones quality of life. He used his experience, contacted the doctors and experts he had met over the years, to find ways to regain it. That gave him an acute insight and level of empathy that he is now bringing in his new film.



Since Jennifer sat in a small art movie house in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, back in 1988 watching "Woman on a Verge of a Nervous Breakdown", she knew that was what she wanted to do: be involved with telling passionate and visual personal stories. She went on to be a Associate Producer on a feature length film entitled "Stone Coates", that was premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival and was purchased by Bell TV in 1997. Her company, Citrus Pie Media Group, Co-Produced a documentary that premiered on Jan 14, 2015 entitled "Your Second Fifty - Rising Above the Fears of Aging. It has been seen by thousands of people from around the world, was filmed in 5 countries and interviewed over 100 inspiring people.  Her next feature length film "To Life, Death, and Beyond- The Music of Magma" will be launching in May 2017. For this second project she did a successful Crowdfunding campaign, 32% over the goal! She has been producing corporate videos since 2010 and now have over 700 clients.


Executive Producer

Vitor Hugo is an experienced video editor and videographer who has been on various types of productions, from live broadcasting television, to theatre acts and commercials.

Bachelor in Philosophy, Literature and Digital Film Production, he got skills to pursue his passion as a storyteller. He is holder of a proficient curriculum in the field of Digital Film Production, in Brazil and in Canada.

He is a Premiere Pro Adobe Certified Expert, a video editing program. He works at Citrus Pie Media Group as the creative editor of enormous amount of corporate videos.


Editor, Animation

Steve Coscarella is a former sound engineer and sound artist for Electronic Arts who has shipped over 5 AAA titles.


Production Manager/Sound Engineer

Award Winning Photographer, Darko Sikman has highly professional skills with the camera.

Published in magazines in North America, Asia and Europe including the cover story about Dalai Lama for a publication in Scandinavia, he is recognized by his creative ideas.

He is also a Photoshop & Lightroom Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe is the largest creative software company in the world.




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