Your Second Fifty - Rising Above the Fears of Aging

January, 2015

In this compelling and inspiring film viewers are challenge to question many of their beliefs of aging. What was the acceptable norm in the past is no longer the reality of the future. Full of "pearls of wisdom" delivered by an amazing cast of Health and Wellness experts, artists, motivational speakers, the film is a journey that leads people to finally live the life they had always dreamed of. 

Featuring: Dr. Bruce Lipton; Dr. John Demartini; Bob Proctor; David Wolfe

Naomi Judd; Dr. Daniel Amen; Bruce Allen; Arille Ford; Aurora Winter

and many more...

To Life Death and Beyond

The Music of Magma

May, 2017

For 47 years, under the leadership of its visionary founder and leader Christian Vander, Magma has blown away audiences all over the world with their uncompromising, unique and stunningly beautiful music.

This Documentary offers a passionate insight into the mystery of this other worldly band. A moving and inspiring trip that will resonate with all music lovers, the film is also a powerful life lesson that talks about a passion that transcends time and boundaries.

"After four decades, there is still nothing in rock like Magma. At least in this world"

- David Fricke, Rolling Stone 2010

"I have never, NEVER seen anything like Magma"

- Steve Lake, Sounds Magazine 1974

"Magma inspires me to be great"

- Roberto Trujillo, Metallica 2016

"It is the only band in the world I would buy an airline ticket to fly just to watch them play"

- Jello Biaffra, Dead Kennedys 2016

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